Rui Dinis Sousa

co-founder IPBPM

Rui Dinis de Sousa holds a PhD in Business Administration/Management Information Systems from University of Georgia, USA, a MSc in Business Informatics and a 5-year degree in Informatics and Systems Engineering from University of Minho, Portugal. As an Assistant Professor at University of Minho, among many courses and seminars in the Information Systems domain, he has been namely in charge of Work, Processes and Organizational Engineering in the Master of Information Systems Engineering and Management and Integrated Systems Implementation for undergrads in Information Systems and Technology. As the first Director of this last degree, he was deeply involved in promoting and implementing its adequacy according to the Bologna Process from the previous degree in Business Informatics, of which he was also his Director.

As a researcher, he has been working in two fronts. The first one, coming from his doctoral research, relates to the adoption and diffusion of Information Systems and Technology, namely, the ones that exhibit more complexity. The second one relates to Business Process Management (BPM) on what concerns an adequate support from Information Systems and Technology to improve, redesign and manage business processes, concerns that go back to previous master research particularly devoted to process modeling in reengineering projects. As a University of Minho representative of a research group on BPM, he was a co-founder of the Portuguese Institute of BPM (IPBPM), where he serves as Vice-President.