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Do the 10 question test and we will tell your change behavior and pitfalls.

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BPM is responsible for organizational change. New BPM systems also often mean new processes. However, most projects can be compared to a bus trip to Winterberg: on holiday to a place where you don't want to go, with people where you don't want to go with it. Organizational successful change is an art in itself. The people's business groups readiness and willingness to adapt to new environments, rules or processes. How to motivate people to do things differently? What helps better: the carrot or the stick? Which phases in changing organizations? And what type of leadership is best for each stage? Or do we not have enough of leaders and do we have a leading manager? Successful BPM implementation indicate questions how and what to successful change skills. Can change really be managed? By which insights can be made use to ensure movement and accept new processes? How do you create change? And are the others in the same perspective as you?