Inscreva-se na BPM LISBON LISBON 2015 – 27 e 28 maio de 15 

Partilhe as suas ideias com mais de 40 oradores e moderadores.

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Barry_Derksen   Conferência BPM Lisbon 2015

Barry Derkson will give you the answer to your results, if you bring the questionnaire to his session.

This questionnaire aims at mapping out your ideas about change. About what works best in your opinion, what is realistic. It is important that you imagine wanting to change something in the organization you are employed by. By answering 10 questions and awarding the marks you can indicate which interventions are best in your opinion, what appeals most to you personally, what you as a change agent would go for. It demonstrates how you would approach change, what you would do if it were up to you.

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